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Simultaneous to providing credible value addition to customers, employees and shareholders; being recognized by society as a responsible corporate citizen. In addition achieving operational excellence along with caring for environmental protection.
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To carefully balance the interests of all stakeholders; strive to fulfill aspirations of the employees and pursue excellence with passion, without deviating from our core values.

Core Values
Fundamental axioms that organization believes in and people respect and work towards

Customer Orientation.
Personal Integrity & Commitment.
Teamwork and Mutual Support.
People Development and Involvement.
Striving for Excellence.
Management by Processes and Facts.
Responsible Corporate Citizenship.

The rationale behind each of these core values is as detailed below;

CORE VALUE: CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: Excellent organizations know and intimately understand their customers (both external and internal). They understand that customer loyalty; retention and market share gain is maximized through a clear focus on the needs and expectations of both existing and potential customers. Keeping in mind their competitive advantage, they anticipate and gather customers' needs and expectations and act in order to meet / exceed them through product and service quality. They build and maintain effective and proactive relationships with customers.

CORE VALUE: PERSONAL INTEGRITY & COMMITMENT: People are the backbone of an organization. The summation of the characters of its people gives the character and culture of the organization. Personal integrity gives courage and fearlessness whilst commitment gives ownership and as consequence accountability, factors which are essential for superior performance. Lack of integrity and commitment can break and devastate any laid down system, however well defined it may be.

CORE VALUE: TEAMWORK AND MUTUAL SUPPORT: Organizations are groups of people, not individuals. No one person has the competence and experience to know all the processes and practices. People are dependent on each other and only when they work as a team and support each other synergy can come. In most cases, we see a problem that appears impossible to solve by an individual, gets solved when approached through a cross-functional team.

CORE VALUE: PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT AND INVOLVEMENT: Excellent organizations identify and provide the competencies needed to implement the strategies and plans. They actively support development so that people can use their full potential and adapt to the changes. They encourage and provide opportunities for involvement in improvement activities while building a culture of trust, openness and empowerment.

CORE VALUE: STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE: Excellent organizations continuously learn, both from their own activities and from that of others. They capture and share the knowledge in order to maximize learning across the organization. There is an openness to accept and use new ideas to seek opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation that add value.

CORE VALUE: MANAGEMENT BY PROCESSES AND FACTS: Excellent organizations have an effective management system based upon and designed to deliver, the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. Policies, strategies, objectives and plans are enabled and assured through a clear set of integrated processes. These processes are established, managed and improved continuously. Decisions are based on factually reliable information rather than on hearsay and hunches.

CORE VALUE: RESPONSIBLE CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP: Excellent organizations adopt a highly ethical approach by being transparent and accountable to their stakeholders. They actively promote social responsibility and ecological sustainability. Through open and inclusive stakeholder engagements they meet and exceed the expectations and regulations of the local and global community. They are aware of the organization's impact on both the current and future community and take care to minimize any adverse impacts.

Focus & Approach
Our Focus

Introducing the cutting edge to create competitive barriers.
Harnessing technology with global manufacturing skills to produce quality products

Which the customer needs
Which no one can match
At prices which the customer can afford - or, is willing to pay for the perceived value of the product.

Our Approach

Identify and acquire technology that will produce what is needed. Technology
Harness the technology with matching production skills Production Capability
In a manner that the customer pays only for the value that we add in our operations - and not our inefficiencies Focal Issue - Cost
Activities which do not add any value to the product - in direct material terms or otherwise - have to be eliminated Eliminate Waste
Giving what is wanted, where it is wanted, how it is wanted Delivered Satisfaction